Highband can help you
choose the best solution.

When looking to satisfy your network needs, consider
every option. We can help analyze and determine if you
require the following :
• Moderate- to high-bandwidth needs
• Network redundancy
• SONET-level speeds (155-2,488 Mbps)
• Would benefit from an IP VPN or private IP network
• Back-up for your primary dedicated Internet service

Delivery Options:
- Single T1
- NxT1
- DS3
- OC3
- OC12
- OC48 (SONET)
- 3 meg- 10 Gig Ethernet

Features include:
- Fixed or burstable service
- Extensive global access
- Access speeds from DS1, NxT1 – OC48 and GigE
- 24X7 customer Support
- Managed Router available
- Primary DNS
- International
- Static or BGP Routing
- Multiple access options include TDM, SONET, Ethernet, PPP, HDLC, or MLPPP
- Ethernet line speeds available - benefit from direct Ethernet network connections with FastE and GigE

What do you demand
from the Internet?

Reliable service?
Great Peering?
Superior Performance?
all at a great price?

Highband will fit the service that best meets you and your customer's business needs. We have the broad spectrum of Internet products and services for you to choose. Services are appropriate for many of the high-speed connectivity needs of today's residential and business end-users, including:

  • Internet access
  • Corporate LAN access
  • Telecommuting
  • Desktop video conferencing
  • Computer-telephony integration
  • Distance learning
  • Always-on applications

Your business will enjoy the following benefits from Highband's Dedicated Internet Access services:
• Business-quality Internet connectivity
• Always-on, high-bandwidth, dedicated connection
• Level of service to support mission-critical communications
• Comprehensive range of options to suit needs:
– Level of access
– Bandwidth
– Payment method