Private Line
Private Line is a dedicated service that provides a connection between either an end-user customer, a carrier, or a connection between two end user customers. It provides a high-speed dedicated line capable of transmitting multiple streams of information. The line may handle voice and data and is perfect for upgrading or consolidating your network and provides the flexibility to allocate bandwidth to best meet your needs. You can link multiple devices or locations together, or you can maintain one powerful connection.

Private line diagram, 2 fibers with no protection

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Multi-protocal Label Switching (MPLS) is a dedicated service that allows customers to connect their locations through the use of a Private Cloud. The Cloud architecture allows customer to connect any amount of locations with ease. The connections may handle all of the customer data applications including Voice over IP. It is perfect for customers with multiple locations that need to send information between them. MPLS provides 100% secure WAN Connectivity. Firewalled Internet access can be introduced directly into the MPLS Network.

MPLS diagram with secured WAN connectivity